Hand crafted

About Banner Biz

Banner Biz was created … a little by accident!  In 1997 my son was in high school and the Principal was having difficulty finding where to acquire a school banner. At the time I was appliqueing a wall-hanging, so I took it to show him. A banner was duly commissioned and made for Sunshine Beach State High School.  Three months later the Principal rang me to ask if I was making these banners as a business because, when he had taken the banner out and about, other principals were asking where  he had it made.  Could he give out my contact details… So, Banner Biz was born.

Of course, the creation of the business was enabled by many years of sewing experience – begun at my mother’s knee, and manufacture and design for my own fashion label and others.

The standard of Banner Biz work is set by my eye for detail, experience in colour and style, fastidious application, and a desire for every client to have the best banner their logo allows.